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We provide embryo storage services to families who want to plan their future better.

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Here at Embryo, we have a team of highly trained professionals that can handle any type of situation and which is ready to work with your physician and/or fertility clinic. Apart from that, there is a non-stop hotline to which you can call to either ask us anything about the process of storing or to book an appointment with one of our doctors.

Our Mission

“On the short run our main goal is to help as many couple as we can. We constantly expand our facilities and gather new resources in order to be able to handle the bigger flow of families opting for embryo banking.”

Learn More About Us!

About Embryo Banking

Embryo banking has been on the rise in recent years mainly because of the rising numbers of couples that cannot have a baby. Women who want to fight against the relentless effect of their biological clock. The science behind this process has been known to doctors for decades now, but the technology needed to properly freeze and store embryons has just now been improved enough to be reliable. At Embryo Banking Australia we are convinced that professionally trained staff combined with the most cutting edge technology can bring success rates of new couples higher than ever.

Another obstacle on the way of progress was the fact that up until roughly five years ago we weren’t able to properly determine whether the chromosomes were normal in a selectively stored embryo. This is a crucial part because mothers who undergo this procedure want their future baby to be able to normally grow as an adult without any complications. Properly screening the genome of the embryo now allows us to figure out whether it is fit for further development or not.

Investing In Your Future

We take pride in being one of the first facilities to use cryopreservation on embryos and sperm cells in order to help families plan their future better. Starting well over 5 years ago, we haven’t looked back since and this shows in the way our customers react to the service. We’ve had more than a thousand successful storings and further fertilizations and have made kids possible for countless of young parents.

Our Main Mission

Stages Of Fertilization

On the long run we try to invest as much time and resources into research and development of the technologies surrounding embryos preservations. It is such medical advancements that push the world forward and help families live a healthier and happier life. This is why our main goal is to sustain the current progress in this medical field.

To learn more about our wonderful team and see what makes this company the country’s leader in embryo banking, make sure to check our About Us page.

Embryo Banking In Detail

We’ve known for almost half a century now that sperm cells can be frozen and then thawed without losing any motility or fertility. Freezing embryos, on the other hand, isn’t such a simple procedure. The whole purpose of embryo and sperm cryopreservation is to create a pregnancy at some point in the future. This is why both the sperm cell and the embryo’s preservations are an important multi-stem process that we have devoted our efforts at. However, there are external (to the procedures) factors that can determine the outcome of the fertilization. Some of those are the overall health of your partner and/or other issues that aren’t directly related to the storing process.

Because of these reasons pregnancy can never be guaranteed at a 100%. It might take a few attempts before a successful pregnancy occurs and this is exactly why we recommend storing multiple embryos to increase your chances of conception.

Here are a few reasons you should at least consider using embryo storing:

  • It can prove useful if you undergo ICSI or IVF treatments
  • Will assure women who aren’t certain about their fertility in the near future
  • Good for high impact athletes cancer patients and military personnel

When storying blastocyst embryos they are processed in such a way that they can last for more than half a decade. This is due to the cryo technologies we use which store the embryo for later use.

The Procedure

Before we move on with extracting the eggs (usually 2 or 3) we must prepare the woman for the procedure itself. That happens by administering fertility medication and thus stimulating the ovaries to produce higher count of embryonic cells. Since we extract more than one egg, the first one can be used in immediate fertilization methods such as IVF. The remained can safely be stored for future use if things don’t go as planned or the couple just doesn’t feel like it’s the right time for a baby.

If you opt for storing the eggs, there are two methods which we offer:

  • Freezing method (using cryo chambers)
  • Vitrification Technique

Both are proven to work perfectly well and are equally good for storing purposes. Since we work with both methods we give the couples the choice.

Usually IVF treatments require extracting eggs right before each procedure which not only is inconvenient for the woman but is also cost ineffective. This is why embryo storing is better. That way you can only go through the extracting procedure once and have the eggs stored away for all the future procedures. As we mentioned, our team of specialists works with every fertility clinic in the country meaning we are constantly ready to provide assistance. Clinics usually require us to transport the stored eggs to them and this is where our transportation team kicks in. We got chambers which are made to withstand outside temperatures of up to 140 degrees. That allows us to safely transport the eggs to any clinic without worrying about them absorbing any damage or sustaining side effects.

Embryonic Cells And Cancer

Until recently cancer treatment meant a woman couldn’t have any kids due to the toxicity of most treatment methods. Nowadays, it is proven that if extracted properly during the early treatment stages eggs can grow into healthy babies. So even if you’ve missed storing your embryos before the cancer treatment (when its most appropriate), don’t worry! You can still do it, just contact us to schedule an appointment and we will discuss all the little details with you and your loved one.

Early Embryo Banking

Early embryo banking is a technique which increases your chances of fertilization especially for women with diminished ovarian reserve (in case they want to use their own eggs). It includes three separate egg extraction procedures. The first two eggs will be frozen on the first day of the embryonic development. The method we use there is “flash-freezing“. After we extract the third egg we will thaw the frozen first two and proceed with developing those eggs to the blastocyst stage.

After this is done we start testing each embryo for its chromosomes in order to see whether they are fit to grow into healthy babies. The ones which pass with flying colors are the ones we chose for you and your further fertilization. The end goal here is a healthier pregnancy with as little risk as possible.

There are two major benefits of the early banking procedure:

  • Increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy for women with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Banking eggs from three separate cycles increases the chances of a successful outcome according to the latest research

There is another type of banking where we freeze the embryo at a different stage.

Blastocyst Banking

This basically consists of the same steps as the early banking but we freeze the blastocysts on day 5 or 6 of their embryo development. After they are thawed they are also chromosomally tested to make sure you will have a healthy and happy family.

The benefits of this method is that it does wonders for women of advanced age. It increases the likelihood of a successful healthy pregnancy for them and also gives them an option for postponing it even further if it isn’t the right time.

Learn more about the Stages Of Fertilization on our helpful article on the topic.

Our Prices

We think of the whole egg storing process as a long-term investment that any family with fertility issues should consider. As we mentioned it is way cheaper to store your eggs just once and go through the whole procedure one time as opposed to going through it all every time you undergo IVF treatment.

We have carefully placed our prices in a bracket that there simply is no other competitor even close to the level of competence we offer. As we understand the delicate matter of this topic, we also understand that the more affordable egg storing is, the better for young couple it gets. After all, they are the future of our nation and we should do everything in our powers to help them.

Now, since a company is what its customers think of it, we thought it is best to hear from some of our happy couples. Not only some of them have been with us from the very beginning but they also have big families now thanks to our work.

Client Testimonials

Embryo Banking Family

We have been trying to make a baby for years now and we’ve been through all sorts of issues and clinics. The constant procedures tired us and what’s even worse is that they wrecked our family budget. It was when we found about this banking option that things started to look brighter. It all happened super fast and then we were told that 4 eggs have been stored away for us. Not only the price was far less than the ones fertility clinics were charging us, but it was also a one-time procedure and we didn’t have to go through that every time we tried IVF. Thanks to Embryo Banking AU we now have a healthy baby boy and we want to strongly recommend them to any couple which has been going through what we have.

The Firth Family

Cervantes, WA

It was 3 years ago when we had to deal with lung cancer. As we’ve always wanted kids, we didn’t let this stop us so we tried finding a way to preserve some of Emily’s eggs. Asking around, we found out about this company and we contacted them immediately. Their staff was so polite and so responsive it was unbelievable! We asked them everything we wanted to know and then we negotiated a price and moved forward with the extracting and storing procedure. Now Emily is cancer-free and the doctors are positive that we can go on with our plans about a kid.

Emily And Clark

Melbourne, VIC

We had many concerns about our pregnancy plans since my wife was now going into the more advanced maternal age years and we were familiar with all the risks this possessed. Luckily we found a solution and it worked out perfectly for us. They did the early storing procedure on my wife and we had a few chromosomally perfect embryos which we later used along with an IVF treatment. The guys from Embryo Banking Australia worked tirelessly with our other doctors over at the fertility clinic and the end result was a healthy pregnancy of my wife and our beautiful baby girl named Jess. Couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. Oh and the price was super affordable for such a big step in the family planning stages!

The Jeffersons

Washington, DC

If you want to hear more about what our customers had to say about our services, head out to our Testimonials Page.